Around here I know we are always excited for the offseason and we are always expecting big things to take place. And then nothing really happens. Or if something happens, its not in our favor for the future. But this year i really am looking forward to it! We have a coaching staff that looks to stay in tact for a few years, I dont expect us to be changing coaches or offensive coordinators in the next couple years. We have a promising GM. We dont have Randy Mueller here ruining things. With todays move with Zach and pending moves by the Tuna, we could be close to 50 million in cap space to play with. We can do anything with that kind of money. We are building for the future, we have automatically got younger on defense with the release of Zach Thomas and Keith Traylor. We are going to get the right players for defense and that are young and can grow together. On offense we are going to install a new system that will be here for a few years and get the right people to run that system. Keep Consistancy. We have been having problems for the past few years because of ALL of our personnel changes on and off the field. And Finally this year, that will CHANGE!!!!!