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Thread: Hydrogen gas tank

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    Hydrogen gas tank


    It sounds like science fiction, but believe it or not, that's exactly what happened to Moshe Stern, head of C.En (Clean Energy), who says his company's scientists have developed a revolutionary breakthrough that will enable automobile manufacturers to produce - and sell - cars that use hydrogen power. It's a breakthrough that has been getting a lot of attention - and oil companies got wind of it, too, with one company allegedly offering him $50 million to shelve his project.

    Stern didn't take the money, though; he intends to see his hydrogen car project through. And as a result, he says, for the first time the West has an opportunity to make a real dent in its dependence on OPEC oil.
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    Good I can't wait for these new kind of vehicles to come out. It's a shame the large auto companies act the way they do. All they care about is money, it makes me believe they are all lowlife scum.!
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