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Thread: This just makes me feel better

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    This just makes me feel better


    Look at the difference between Jay and Ray. Wow, and think that one INT for Jay was when the ball slipped off his hand in the snow coming back for a game he really wasn't ready for.

    We're going to have a solid passing game this season. Especially if Chambers steps up, Thompson comes on strong, McKnight plays like he did at the end of last season, McMichael isn't used as a tight end, Konrad used like he's supposed to be, and Ricky getting 60+ receptions this year and breaking a couple of them off. We could have a HELL of a passing game, and if that happens, Ricky will have a 5.0+ ypg, and we can bust teams up even worse than we were when we were 5-1 before Jay's injury last year.

    I can always hope.

    Fiedler fan forever (As long as he plays for the Dolphins)

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    good post
    people are on Fiedler's butt, but face the facts: HE WAS RUSHED BACK B4 HE WAS READY BECAUSE PUKAS COULDN'T DO CRAP. jay came back early because he had to try to help the team win and took alot of personal attacks because of it.

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    You know what's funny. ESPN keeps showing that play whenever they're talking up the Bills secondary. They used it in the 2002 Buffalo Bills yearbook and last night on NFL live when Sean Salisbury was saying the Bills had 2 shutdown corners. Now if the Bills had 2 shutdown corners don't you think ESPN could have found a better highlight than the worst pass of Fiedler's career, since I've seen him play, where he wasn't even 100%. Every time I see that play in reference to talking up the Bills secondary I laugh.

    Its nothing against the Bills secondary because I do think they will be solid its just that I could have made that interception.
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Gift received at 10-25-2013, 11:36 AM from Wildbill3
Message: Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    The stat that really jumped out at me was points scored. It went from 114 to 102 to.....24? We desperately need Chambers, Thompson, McKnight, and/or McMichael to score some points for us. I know Chambers was hurt and McKnight didn't start the first several games, but we simply need more touchdowns out of our receivers.
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