With the final roster being planned this very minute, here is a look at some of the possibilities:

Roundtree beats Lowe and Banks, and Jerman is a lock because he is the only other tackle. Edwards is better suited for full time duty than Henry at this point, but obviously Henry has better long term potential and it would be difficult to see him go. If a team is willing to trade only a 6th or 7th rounder for one of the backs, I think there is more value to the Dolphins by retaining both of them in lieu of so little in trade compensation. The area I believe there will be activity that may allow both to stick (and possibly traded at a later date) is the defensive line. I believe Rob Burnett will be put on IR after the final cut down making him eligible to return after week 6. This will open the door for Grigsby or Romero to be resigned after they are initially waived. They will then sign L. Bromell and be in healthier shape than they are now and will have 3 players potentially available by mid season off of IR/PUP if needed in D. Bowens, L. Williams, and Burnett. They will carry only 8 DL due to the depth stashed on IR and the loser of the Grigsby/Romero re-signing likely being available on the practice squad. Bromell and Williams also are both swing DT/DE's and will give them the flexibilty they need in the actibe rotation. The ninth d-lineman ( Romero) was inactive all year last year anyway.

There is also the same possibility with Mark Dixon and Billy Yates. Dixon is not ready to play yet, and the coaches have talked about all of the injured players being ready to return, OTHER than Dixon and Burnett. They would keep Yates and then put Dixon on IR AFTER final cut down, making him eleigible to return after week 6. This would give them 9 OL with Dixon on IR and when he is ready to return they would have to make a move with one of the young lineman. Stalling on this would allow the dust to settle and make it be more likely to be able to slip Yates or Whitley on to the practic squad 6 weeks from now, instead of at the time when all of the teams are scanning the wires and filling up thier practice rosters initially.

Here are the 14 that will likley go today:


At least for the time being, Henry and Edwards may both make it. They may get more in a trade down the road. I hope they don't do it for a 6th or 7th round pick. Battaglia or another TE would likely be available in a pinch if Lee or McMichael were injured. How can you justify keeping the 4th TE now when we have talent that would otherwise be waived at the expense of the extra TE? We have always known it was a luxury............now it is one we can and should not afford.