hey guys i dont know what we have at QB, because no one does. i think beck will start it out while mccown takes over if beck falters, with henne not being used too too much this season. i think billy p will wait on him and i doubt that henne as a rookie can do what mccown and beck have failed to do.
the real question i what does it take for this team to have one qb this year, the same qb next year and so on. what kind of numbers and or win-loss totals would you and the FO be satisfied having a qb get that would ensure them as our qb. if we are 2-14 next season and all qbs played bad would we stick with what we have or would we address it? i think that mccown is taking the veteran stop gap role and it realy is beck or henne's team for the future and the winner will be decided by what beck does or fails to do this season, thoughts?