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hey man, i agree with you on whole (or hole - LOL) but...

I've seen some posts that show some nip and the moderators don't touch it. I've also seen some,,,... er ..."spiders legs" showing from underneath a g-string (in the bum area) and the moderators dont touch it.

I think what you're looking for is a standard guideline, like:

* partial areola (area surrounding actual nipple) shown - acceptable
* nipple shown - unacceptable
* Vagina vulva (lips) - unacceptable
* Naked butt cheeks - acceptable
* woman shown on hands and knees - acceptable with these conditions: she is not touching herself on her vagi.....,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,


it is becoming more difficult pictures that make you say damn! and stay within guidelines.

anyway.... check out my boring classic ladies post
Excluding the vagina part, which is understandable. Those guidelines are quite fickle and kind of silly.