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Thread: All Posters: Please Read!

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    Thanks for rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fin-atic View Post

    Ok I appreciate a fine woman as much as anyone...maybe even more than most. However, this site is viewed by many people who have kids, wives and families. We have TOS that state what you can and can not post. Things have started getting a little raunchy in here and we are not a porn site. So before you post that picture make sure that you can't see anything. The ladies have to have all the key areas conceled completely. If you dont know what I mean by the key areas then you have no business being in this forum.

    Please follow the rules because after this I have to start getting tough and giving warnings etc.

    So clean it up folks.

    Alright guys, updated rules, follow them and post away.


    1. Full nudity
    2. Topless
    3. Bottomless
    4. ANY part of the female Genetalia
    5. Pornography of any kind
    6. Websites that you link that have links to porn or porn on them
    7. Any men posted on here, clothed or naked...will be removed...
    8. Please keep pictures under 500 pixals wide.


    I never knew this was a rule made me chuckle
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