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Thread: Cheap Jersey's

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    Wow thanks for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by DolphinzD View Post
    There is great variance among the various Chinese sites. Some of them look awful, and some of them look pretty close to the real thing. I have a couple of knock-offs that I could probably fool the average fan into thinking they are authentic.

    However, I much prefer to go the authentic route myself when I can find the right price (which is a challenge.....you have to be on eBay at the right time, or catch a great online sale, etc.). I got a Marino jersey for $100 a couple of years after he retired (got it customized off starstruck.com).....found a barely used Ricky jersey on eBay last year for about $75.....and shortly before the ring of honor ceremony this year I snagged a JT jersey, brand new with tags, for $50, also on eBay. Still can't believe my luck on that one.
    even on ebay . there are a lot of knockoffs there . have you got any pics about your cutsom jersey . i'm interested in see that
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