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Thread: Voters say McCain better suited to handle Iraq than Obama

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    Voters say McCain better suited to handle Iraq than Obama

    John McCain's stance on the war is unambiguous: He voted for it, supports the current enhanced U.S. troop presence in Iraq and vigorously opposes any timetable to withdraw.

    The public's stance on the war is as equivocal as McCain's is not: A strong majority of Americans oppose it and believe it was wrong in the first place, but more find McCain better suited to handle Iraq than his Democratic presidential rival, Barack Obama.

    "He's more experienced militarily," said Ann Burkes, a registered Democrat and retired third-grade teacher from Broken Arrow, Okla. "And I don't know if I agree with stay-the-course (policy), but I think the good probably outweighs the bad with him, experience-wise."

    Burkes illustrates the conflicted voter, one who is as likely to be influenced by McCain's policy positions as by his personal biography as a former Navy pilot who spent more than five years in a North Vietnamese prison.
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    One thing McCain made clear in his book, that he did not agree with how Vietnam was handled, both he and his father favored more aggressively fighting the War.

    I suspect you would see McCain, after his Vietnam experience, instruct our Generals to be more aggressive in how the war in Iraq is fought, in order to end it more quickly and not see this country disgraced as it was with the way we cut and run in Vietnam.
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