From what I have read around here the Dolphins are somewhere around 21million under the cap right now. we are required to spend a minum percentage of the cap amount or face some type of sanction I'm guessing?

Considering we have dead cap space in future years due to signing bonuses or prepaid monies on the books, is there anyway to manipulate these contracts to relive us of that dead cap space by restructering some of these contracts?

In other words is there a rule that prevents a team from rewriting a contract so that it changes from a signing bonus and becomes front loaded. The actual money changing hands for the season would not change but on paper we would enter future seasons in better shape.

If this is the case it could allow us to go after higher priced drafts and FA's later when we are ready to rather then force us to spend extra money now on unproven or undeserving talents we already have locked up.

Im just curious if this is a flawed stratagy or their is some rule preventing teams from handling things this way?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify.