Sure, losses hurt, but this loss was inevitible. This was good PSYCHOLOGICALLY for our team. Our team came into this game thinking "oh, another practice" or "oh, this is going to be a domination." This loss was a wake-up call.

If we didn't lose this week, there is no doubt in my mind that we would be blown out in a week to come.

Our team is now in the state of mind, that NO WINS come easy. You have to fight for everything you get, and fight they will.

We are going to be a new time next week, not physically (our talent is already there), but mentally. And mentality is probably the biggest part of a football game.

Our guys are going to go into NY, fight their hardest, and not slack at all no matter how bad they think the Jets are. They want a win. They are hungry to win. And they know what they need to do to win.