When Dan Marino left, we struggled to find a new franchise QB. With all the new regimes, we hired disappointing QB's that were supposed to be great. All the Fin Fans jumped onto the bandwagon on some of these players. After 7 years of bad drafting and wasting picks, we got Cameron. The D was 2nd best in the league I believe in 2006. When we got Cameron, people expected us to go to the Super Bowl. God, were they wrong.

In 2007, Cam Cameron failed miserably to make the Fins good. In 2007, we drafted Ginn over a possible franchise QB, Quinn, (Who still hasn't proved himself yet). We then got John Beck . After the draft, I had the feeling that the Fins were going to hit rock bottom. Cameron's NICE and weak training attitude made the players really unprepared for games and as a result, we bombed the season, going 1-15. Our D was last and our offense just blew. Trent Green got injured. Lemon was not that great and was not ready to play. Poor Beck was thrown into the wolves. Injuries plagued us throughout the year, losing Zach, Brown, Williams, ect. We were a wreck. I was tortured by my friends and family because most of them are Jets and Pats Fans.

The second Cameron said we will learn from losing, I knew this was it. In December, BP came in and hired Ireland and eventually Sparano. They then had a field day with the Free Agency, hiring some people such as McCown and Wilford. In the draft, we drafted key players to our roster, including a franchise QB, Henne. We gave the team no breaks and the FO trained them hard and kept a positive attitude among the players. Even loud mouth Porter was quiet. The teams beloved Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor was also traded to the Cowboys and the Red Skins.

Throughout Offseason, our QB and WR seemed hopeless. In early August, the New York Jets hired Brett Favre as their QB blowing tons of money on him and a lot of great players to make them a solid win now team. The Fins acquired Chad Pennington who instantly gave leadership to our young team. Our team was coming together. The light was finally seen in the long dark tunnel. With our hungry team and attitude, we went 3-1 in the preseason.

Today, we took on the NY Jets and lost in a VERY close game. 20-14. We were screwed by penalties and bad calls by the officals. Our D was pretty good keeping pressure, but they could not stop the run or the passing. We also have no WR to make game changing plays. CP also kept throwing to many short passing plays and we hardly ran with Ronnie. Really, Our OL blew the game for us. We defeated ourselves. The Jets have nothing to celebrate about, as their safeties are one of the best in the league and they defeated a 1-15 team. Now, we build on this loss by keeping our heads high. We are a new team who need to learn. DO NOT EXPECT THE TEAM TO BE A PLAYOFF TEAM THIS YEAR. We are a 6-10 to 8-8 win team if we play solid. We never gave up and we came close to defeating the Jets with an huge upset. Many people are being to optimistic about this season.

The future looks VERY bright for us and we are destined to become a SB team soon, but you must have patience. I know you can't bare the excitement, but you must wait for our team to gel. Our coach is a rookie too you know. He will also learn through experience. HE IS NOT AN IDIOT. We were down 20-7, and we almost won by 1 play. Tom Brady is also gone for the season, so the AFC East is up for grabs. Do not expect us to come first. We are not that 1-15 team from last year, so don't compare this game to any games last year.

However, the Fins might win 1st, but it's very unlikely. You cannot doubt this team. You must remain realistic though. I understand the frustration because I felt like killing someone, but I thought we played well. CP is in the top 5 for passing as of Week 1. We can win a lot of games this year. We will see. The Seahawks, Pats, and SD don't seem so impossible anymore. However, don't expect constant upsets. We will work on our need positions next year, just enjoy the season and get ready for the years to come because it is a new beginning for the Miami Dolphins.

The key to our success is to keep it close to the 4th Q and then allow CP (Who is great at 2 minute drills) to make the game winning play. That is how we will win this year.

CHEERS! :beer1: