This certainly isn't meant to be a negative post, but rather a realist, unbiased look at the team we all love.

It is clear that this team simply isn't ready to compete at the NFL level. The lack of talent is evident in:

1. the secondary as nobody can stop the wide receivers
2. the front seven can't stop the run
3. penalties negate every crucial play...there is no excuse for these undisciplined mistakes
4. the wide receivers are non-existent aside from bess and camarillo, who certainly weren't expected to be depended on as our two best receivers
5. offensive line has a long way to go
6. our 9th overall pick last year did not see the field today until less than 7 minutes in the 4th quarter
7. ...
8. ...

We could go on and on, and it doesn't get any better.

This team needs to be upgraded at EVERY position. The only spot(s) I feel comfortable with is running back and the future of Chad Henne at quarterback.

We all get excited about the events of the offseason with the addition of Parcells and company, and certainly I believe this team is headed in the right direction. However, it was perhaps foolish for us to expect an immediate turnaround from last year's 1-15 season. In fact, and I know its only the second game of the season, but an argument can be made that the 2008 Dolphins are less talented at this point than they were at this point in 2007.

This front office replaced a high percentage of the roster, and perhaps it will take some time for this new group of players to gel. But this is a process that is going to take more than one year, more than two years. But eventually, this team will be ready to compete.

We expected it too soon. But as fans, who can blame us?