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Thread: Unrealistic Expectations

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    I don't expect a winning team, but I do expect a competitive one. I expect some of the deficiencies of last year's team to be gone. Forget about talent for a moment, just look at team toughness and discipline. I'm sorry, but I see no improvement in those areas. Maybe it will get better by mid-season, but I thought that last year and received only dissappointment.

    I am honestly thinking we are at least 3 years away from fielding a mediocre team. It will take that long for us to finish the defensive overhaul and get real WR's that can ac†ually play at the pro level. 4 years of suck is hard to stomach....
    "Therefore, understand the matter, and consider the vision." Dan 9:23

    Why must this team always underachieve???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyboy View Post
    If you are going to B***h and complain then take a vacation until 2010.

    That's when the dolphins will seriously turn the corner.

    FYI this is a rebuild process going on people. What part of that dont you understand ?
    guess the forum should be shut down for 2 years then
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