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Thread: MADDEN 09 Roster Update 5 Details

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    MADDEN 09 Roster Update 5 Details

    hmmm...was hopin theyd give ronnie a boost....

    The fifth roster update for Madden 09 is planned to be out as early as tomorrow, but as we’ve learned from previous update delays it would probably be a good idea not to count on it until Monday. Some changes include the Falcons offensive line benefiting from Michael Turner’s exceptional play this year, ratings hits to Pacman Jones and Devin Hester, and several adjustments to quarterbacks based on their performances or early season benchings.
    Continue on to view all the transactions, ratings changes, and IR placements.


    LB Joey LaRocque – Added to Bears
    DE Ervin Baldwin – Released to Free Agents
    WR Mark Bradley – Released by Bears
    CB Marcus Hamilton – Signs with Bears
    S Kyries Hebert – Added to Bengals
    C Kyle Cook – Added to Bengals
    S Herana-Daze Jones – Added to Bengals
    C Dan Santucci – Released to Free Agents (IR)
    G Frank Davis – Released by Bengals (Removed)
    CB Jamar Fletcher – Signs with Bengals
    CB Geoff Pope – Released by Bengals (Removed)
    WR Justin Jenkins – Added to Bills
    G Chris Denman – Added to Bills (Practice Squad)
    G Christian Gaddis – Released (Removed)
    QB Gibran Hamdan – Added to Bills
    DT Nic Clemons – Added to Broncos
    S Hamza Abdullah – Released by Broncos
    S Vernon Fox – Signs with Broncos
    RT James Lee – Added to Bucs
    RT Julius Wilson – Released to Free Agents
    CB DeJuan Tribble – Released by Chargers
    DT Ian Scott – Signs with Chargers
    DT Keith Jackson - Removed
    DT T.J. Jackson – Added to Chiefs
    TE John Paul Foschi – Added to Chiefs
    CB Keiwan Ratliff – Released by Colts
    LB Jordan Senn – Added to Colts
    HB Jalen Parmele – Released by Dolphins
    TE Jason Rader – Added to Falcons
    CB Tarell Brown – Added to 49ers
    FB Montell Owens – Added to Jaguars
    CB Scott Starks – Released to Free Agents (IR)
    CB Omare Lowe – Signs with Jaguars
    WR Marcus Henry – Released by Jets
    P Ben Graham – Signs with Jets
    TE John Madsen – Released by Raiders
    TE Ben Troupe – Signs with Raiders
    G/DT Fred Wakefield – Added to Raiders
    CB Fakhir Brown – Released by Rams
    CB Jason Craft – Signs with Rams
    LB Jameel McClain – Added to Ravens
    FS Justin Hamilton – Added to Redskins
    DT Alvin McKinley – Released by Saints
    DT Kendrick Clancy – Added to Saints
    HB Gary Russell – Released by Steelers
    LB Donovan Woods – Added to Steelers
    LB Patrick Bailey – Added to Steelers
    DT Deljuan Robinson – Added to Texas

    Ratings Up

    WR Brandon Lloyd – Bears – 75 to 78 – Has been the #1 receiver on the Bears on what is a surprising passing game.
    DT Dusty Dvoracek – Bears – 77 to 80 – Has 8 solo tackles and 9 total tackles through 3 games, Tommie Harris has 3 tackles.
    QB Carson Palmer – Bengals – 94 to 95 – Something didn’t feel right about this, and Carson proved it. Played very well against a good Giants defense despite a busted nose and minimal pass blocking.
    LB Alex Hall – Browns – 61 to 68 – Created several QB pressures with a sack in Week 3.
    LT Donald Penn – Bucs – 76 to 80 – Has been a solid starter for the Bucs for a year now.
    QB Brian Griese – Bucs – 77 to 78 – Threw for over 400 yards in a wild game vs. the Bears.
    WR Antonio Bryant – Bucs – 77 to 79 – Had a 10 catch 138 yard game in Week 3 vs. the Bears.
    DE Turk McBride – Chiefs – 75 to 78 – Has played better this year racking up 12 tackles and 3 tackles for loss.
    HB Felix Jones – Cowboys – 81 to 82 – Looks just as fast on grass as he does on carpet. Up to 97 speed.
    LB Tim Dobbins – Chargers – 65 to 73 – Is now in the rotation at MLB after being a star on special teams for several seasons.
    G Ike Ndukwe – Dolphins – 75 to 79 – Worked well with the rest of the Dolphins O-line on Ronnie’s big day.
    DE John Abraham – Falcons – 92 to 93 – Leads the NFL with 6 sacks. Beat up on Jeff Backus and a rookie LT in KC.
    G Harvey Dahl – Falcons – 76 to 79 – Who? The starting RG in Atlanta paving the way for the Burner Turner.
    G Justin Blalock – Falcons – 77 to 79 – Might be finding his niche after struggling badly last year, especially in pass protection.
    G Uche Nwaneri – Jaguars – 72 to 74 – Now starting at LG for the Jags, the Jags ran wild in week 3 against an undersized Colts front.
    G Daryn Colledge – Packers – 77 to 79 – Working well with an injured interior of the Packers offensive line.
    WR Greg Jennings – Packers – 93 to 94 – Superstar in the making. Him and Aaron Rodgers will be a part of a lot of big plays.
    DE Kalimba Edwards – Raiders – 76 to 79 – Got the better of Pro Bowler LT Jason Peters on pass rushing situations in Week 3.
    HB Michael Bush – Raiders – 79 to 80 – Looks all the way back from injuries. Part of a 3 headed monster for the Raiders at running back.
    FS Jim Leonhard – Ravens – 78 to 79 – Played a great game, including several great kick returns, filling in for injured Dawan Landry.
    T Zach Strief – Saints – 65 to 69 – Filled in for LT Jamaal Brown vs. the Broncos in a wild shoot out vs. the Broncos. Brees threw 48 times.
    CB Bryant McFadden – Steelers – 85 to 86 – Played very well last season as the nickel corner and has filled in for injured Deshea Townsend to the tune of 2 INT’s and 5 pass breakups.
    HB Steve Slaton – Texans – 77 to 79 – Busted a 50 yard run vs. the Titans on his 116 yard and a TD day in week 3. His role as a major part of the offense seems secure.
    *Few minor ratings changes not noted due to time
    Ratings Down
    WR Devin Hester – Bears – 81 to 79 – Has caught 2 balls for 13 yards. Not a part of the offense and seems to only be a special teamer.
    LT Levi Jones – Bengals – 88 to 87 – Was dominated by Kiwanuka in week 3.
    WR Darrell Jackson – Broncos – 83 to 81 – Has slid down the Broncos depth chart, all those passing yards and he is not involved.
    QB Derek Anderson – Browns – 87 to 85 – Might not be all the way back. Looks to have a couple starts left on a Browns team heading for a losing record.
    LB Kamerion Wimbley – Browns – 88 to 87 – Only had 5 sacks last year rushing the passer, this year he has done nothing.
    QB Jeff Garcia – Bucs – 89 to 87 – His benching might be more personal, but only an injury or a couple terrible performances will see him back as the starter.
    CB Ronde Barber – Bucs – 92 to 91 – Has lost a step, got picked on last week vs. the Bears.
    WR Joey Galloway – Bucs – 87 to 86 – Has lost a step, injured a ton and looks disinterested.
    LG Brian Waters – Chiefs – 91 to 87 – Bad timing he goes down 4 points after the Chiefs best running game in a while, but he is near the end.
    S Bob Sanders – Colts – 99 to 98 – Loses his 99 cause he can’t stay on the field. Still not a bigger difference maker on the defensive side of the ball.
    CB Adam Jones – Cowboys – 86 to 83 – Looks like a player that has been out of the league for a while. Would have thought always trying to cover TO would have helped more.
    DE Jamaal Anderson – Falcons – 83 to 81 – Still waiting on his first career sack after being a top 10 pick a year ago.
    TE Vernon Davis – 49ers – 87 to 85 – A lot of people saw him catching more than 4 passes in his first 3 games, big disappointment.
    DE Reggie Hayward – Jaguars – 86 to 83 – Had 27.5 sacks over a 3 year span, since then has 4.5 over 3 years including a year out injured.
    WR Dennis Northcutt – Jaguars – 81 to 79 – Hasn’t done too much on a Jags passing attack that was missing WR Jerry Porter and the invisible Reggie Williams. Matt Jones has stepped up.
    CB Al Harris – Packers – 93 to 92 – Before his spleen was lacerated, looked slow vs. Detroit. Was underrated for a long time and he might be getting old now as people know his name.
    T Chad Clifton – Packers – 95 to 94 – Got beat up by DeMarcus Ware which shouldn’t be a story, but that wouldn’t have happened a couple years ago.
    T Mark Tauscher – Packers – 94 to 93 – Commits too many penalties and looked a little old vs. Dallas.
    WR Randy Moss – Patriots – 99 to 98 – Gave a pathetic effort in week 3 whether not going up for an underthrown duck or his blocking. Looks unhappy and won’t be the same threat without the Brady deep ball.
    CB Tye Hill – Rams – 86 to 81 – Just got his starting job back after the release of CB Fakhir Brown. This was supposed to be his big year but hasn’t turned out that way.
    DT La’Roi Glover – Rams – 84 to 82 – Just benched on the Rams defensive line, that says it all.
    QB Marc Bulger – Rams – 89 to 88 – Just benched for Trent Green, will have his job back in 2 weeks whether due to injury or injury.
    S Corey Chavous – Rams – 82 to 79 – Has been fading for a long time, one of the only secondary’s he could start in.
    HB Ray Rice – Ravens – 80 to 78 – This guy hasn’t been as good as advertised, Willis and McClain seem to have the running game under control.
    DE Jason Taylor – Redskins – 98 to 97 – Is injured and hasn’t made the overwhelming difference some thought he may. Now he is injured.
    DT Brian Young – Saints – 85 to 82 – Long time overdue. High effort player and can’t get off blocks anymore.
    LT Marvel Smith – Steelers – 88 to 87 – Big Ben took a beating last week vs. Philly.
    TE Alge Crumpler – Titans – 86 to 83 – Bo Scaife has double the catches and double the yards of Alge.


    C Tom Nalen – Broncos - IR
    LB Dan Connor – Panthers - IR
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    Crazy that Ronnie's rating is the same.
    Fire Henning - CHECK
    Fire Sparano - Extended - WTF???
    Fire David Lee - CHECK
    Fire Darren Rizzi
    And last, thanks Mr. Parcells and Ross for screwing up my team
    1-07-2011: Not renewing my season tickets
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtronic View Post
    Crazy that Ronnie's rating is the same.
    That isn't for sure. These summaries never account for all the changes.
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    camarillo is now a 78 overall and Ronnie is a 91 overall with 91 speed...
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    The Rosters came out Friday Night.
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