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Thread: Favorite current band?

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    They looked like strong hands.

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    Aug 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobDole View Post
    their shows are more extreme than a mountain dew commercial.
    my clothes were tattered rags and i was missing a shoe after that concert. good times.

    If I could take your pain and frame it, and hang it on my wall,
    maybe you would never have to hurt again...

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    Just say yes! Ron Paul 2012

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    I like the dropkick murhpys a lot but That is all i care to respond to at the moment because of an immense tiredness that comes from trolling around this site for the past 2 hours.

    good times and good way to waste a satruday that is above freezing! (41 degrees in downtown la corsse at 2 pm today! woot!

    Will be a high of 8 tomorrow...
    I just want to win.
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