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There is a legitimate scenario where Miami is the 2nd playoff seed. Miami would have to win all four remaining games. Pittsburgh would have to lose the following games:

Week 14: Dallas at Pittsburgh: 9-4
Week 15: Pittsburgh at Baltimore: 9-5
Week 16: Pittsburgh at Tennesee: 9-6

In week 17 the steelers can win at home against the browns and go 10-6. Miami's four wins would place them at 11-5 and earn the second seed. In addition, Baltimore would have to lose to Washington on Sunday and Dallas in two weeks.
You call that legit?? Im sorry my friend, but that is reaching for the stars. Trust me, if that was to happen, I would be the happiest person on Earth, but I just dont find it too realistic. The Steelers are too good to lose all three of those games. But hey, I mean we did land on the moon so anything is possible. :wink: