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Thread: US hdd work on pal console??

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    US hdd work on pal console??

    like the title says does a US 360 harddrive work on an overseas 360 console? thinking of having my parents just bring my harddrive over and then buying a basic 360 console which is like 300$ the one with harddrive is 500$. soo i dont have to go threw the hassle of buying a converter and making sure it will play on the tv and all that other crap, i rather have my 360 but fuk it. also traveling with a 360 do you guys have it as a carry on or do you put it in the suitcase do they fuk with it at the airport ect ect? my parents are bringin it so i dont want them to have that much of a hassle carrying it and it just a harddrive soo ill rapp soem clothes around it.
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    Try looking on a site like GameFAQ or Googling your problem. As for my personal take, I don't see how it could work since US consoles are meant for NTSC and PAL is, well, PAL. Anything you have on it probably won't convert.


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