for todays game, im talking old Zubaz hat (striped hat like bengals helmet), My authentic Marino 1st half, Authentic Zach 2nd Half, i will watch old VHS tapes of Dolphins vs. Jets from back in the 90's and early 00's, i will look back through my old Dolphin Digest from our better days like late 90's early 00's. My living room will be decorated with every kind of Dolphins goodie you can think of, i have a BUNCH OF IT from many many years of Christmas's and B-Days. I am so amped for this game, I DONT KNOW what in the heck i will do between now and kickoff, maybe go running, pump some iron, something to get me through untill kickoff, I FEEL LIKE WE ARE PLAYING IN THE SUPERBOWL TODAY, how r u guys feeling about NOW?

This Day simply is about OUR BOYS, THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!