We realize you overachieved all season and got us to the playoffs. Most people on this very site, who claim to be Dolfans, predicted a 6 win season at best( http://www.finheaven.com/component/p...r-of-wins-poll ). Now you guys said f--- that and went out there all season and played your ***** off to get us 11 wins so we can believe in you guys again. You did everything possible to get the win. It didn't matter if it was special teams, defense, or offense all that mattered was the W. It didn't matter who ran or caught the ball as long as we got the elusive W.

We played the toughest I have ever seen us play and we did it with all the naysayers. This beer is to you guys! :beer1:

Now we go out there today and we play the toughest defense in the NFL bar none with a patchwork Oline and three receivers two of which are undrafted and now everyone of the "Dolfans" is coming out of the woodwork to naysay yet again. They call Chad, our amazing QB, noodle arm because he had a bad day against a tough D. They say Ginn is a wuss who gator arms balls. They say Samson Satele is the worst center ever. Joey Porter sucks he can't even get a sack. We better let Crowder go this dude is a joke. All of this because we didn't get the W in a tough game we shouldn't have even been in according to the "Dolfans" on here.

This is bull guys and you should know it. We played our ***** off and honestly had a couple of balls bounced our way we would have won. It was just an extremely ballsy performance by the soon to be AFC champs (I don't care if you don't believe me just wait and see).

And honestly this is good news if we look at the glass half full. We get a better pick now. I mean we weren't gonna win the Super Bowl. We barely made the playoffs. If we had won today our pick would be crap but the loss helps us to continue and build.

Just look toward the future and stop hating. We are an excellent team on our way to the top and no measley Jets or Faills will stops us. Hell, not even the damn Patsies will stop us. We are the new AFC East champs and no one is gonna end that as long as Parcell's and company are here. You better believe it.

So lets stop the hate and be happy we got where we did. And lets all cheer for the Ravens because if they win the Super Bowl it will make us look even better.

Thanks for the brilliant season,