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Thread: The Unsung: Vonnie Holliday and Matt Roth

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    The Unsung: Vonnie Holliday and Matt Roth

    These two had good seasons. Holliday was much more dominant than he appeared on the stat sheet. Probably our only defensive lineman who could get pressure on the QB on a consistent basis and still stay in to play the run. We had a combo of guys who could do various things, like Langford against the run, Merling against the pass, Ferguson on 1st and 2nd downs.

    He was definitely one of our most consistent players that included Bell, Ferguson and maybe Goodman.

    Matt Roth has been receiving a lot of negativity despite transitioning to LB and playing well. He is not flashy and is stiff in his hips and this ultimately causes poor evaluations of his play. This is just my opinion but I believe he did an admirable job this year.

    He was second on the team in sacks but you could see his work in the run game. This is where he was always maintaining the outside edge, and forced his man inside. He was strong at the point of attack and a lot will say he didn't disengage his block enough, but his job is to hold his outside blocker and let the inside guys scrap. If we end up going a different direction he should definitely remain on the team and can contribute as not only a backup OLB but a backup DE for 3rd downs. He may not have been flashy but he did his job, maintained his gaps and threw in a big play every now and then which is much more than I can say about Crowder.
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    Matt Roth looks like a DE that's playing OLB. He can take on lead blocks and, spill the play, but, that's about it. He can't rush the passer, and, he's absolutely lost in coverage.

    Thanks Shifty!

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