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Keuchenberg is Hall of Fame worthy but he played in a great era for offensive lineman and routinely was described as no better than 3rd best lineman on his own team. The two guys were who terrific, and Hall of Fame caliber if not for serious injuries shortening their careers, were Bill Stanfill and Dick Anderson.
Could not agree more about Stanfill and Anderson. Had the "No-Name" moniker not been applied to that defense they would have been the names. Buonticonti said that he was in the Hall as a representative of the whole Defense, and to an extent I think that is true. However both of these players along with Jake Scott and Manny Fernandez were probably better players than Nick, and I think he would be the first to admit it. I have always hated the No-Name stuff because I really think these guys were every bit as good as the Steelers defensive players that followed and don't get their individual due because of it. If not for shortened careers there is no doubt in my mind that Anderson was better than a Mel Blount and Stanfill was better than a L.C. Greenwood for example.