The Church of Bumpus-ism is in it's infancy.

The revelation came unto me as I sat becoming inebriated at my local watering hole one evening...

...God said unto me: The world's religions are wrong. They have become too rigid and unyielding. It is up to you to correct this injustice.

I, Bumpus, am the prophet.
We are currently a very small congregation (me and a bunch of drunk buds from the bar) However, we accept ALL conversions from any faiths, or no faith at all.

We are in the process of crafting our commandments. The catch: commandments are not to include "thou shalt not..." - only "thou shalt..."

1) Thou shalt honor thy beverage brewed with hops and barley.
2) Thou shalt believe in thy teams (unless it's the NY Jets)
3) Thou shalt enjoy life to it's fullest.
4) Thou shalt be accepting of others.
5) Thou shalt be expressive of your opinions.
6) Thou shalt smell what The Rock is cooking.