There seems to be a few guys on here who like to talk salcap.

I have updated my cap page after the Vernon Carey signing.

I have us at 23.2 million under the cap taking into consideration the top 51 contracts. I ESTIMATED the cap to be 123 million and have not factored in any LTBE or NLTBE incentives into the estimate. (The Dolphins will have an adjusted salary cap which will be published later). Other media outlets have put us at 19-20 million under the cap, but depending on the LTBE or NLTBE incentives or what they estimated the 2009 cap to be, they might be spot on with my contract numbers.

Im estimating that we get around 4-5 million for the rookie cap pool, about 2 million to carry through the season, so we probably have about 12-16 million to spend in free agency, which should be enough for a few players (if we decide to spend it!).

Please let me know if anyone sees any major mistakes!