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ok, so really nobody knows, got it!
Are my posts now showing up?

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I guess no one decided to read the top post in this forum before posting random numbers in this thread.

I'll give you guys a link (its the thread right under this one, shhhh!)


Omar's number of 19 million is pretty close to my number of 23 million. Depending on what he estimated the cap to be and depending on if he estimated any cap credits or debits from LTBE or NLTBE incentives from last year, we might have the same exact numbers.
Theres even a link to my cap page which I have everyones contract on in my signature and in the other thread I created. No one knows the EXACT amount under the cap we are because the actual salary cap or the Miami Dolphins adjusted salary cap hasnt been published yet. Estimating what the cap probably will be, we are between 19-23 million under the salary cap depending on cap credits or debits from LTBE or NLTBE incentives and what the actual salary cap will be for 2009.