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u think dana is kicking himself right now? if this was on fox, it gets 10+ MILLION viewers just from word of mouth during the 2-3 round...definitely top-3 fight ive ever seen...joe silva is the man for putting together this card...every fight was great...best UFC since 100 i think...

honestly i saw it as a draw...shogun dominated rounds 4-5...hendo had rounds 1-2...3rd round was close...shogun gets screwed by the refs again...not even a split decision lol
I had the same thoughts about it being the best one since 100 and I honestly thought it was going to be a draw. The same two things you mentioned, my boy and I had the same conversation during the event lol. For the first time in a while, I'm not mad I spent the money to order the ppv.

I also was saying I haven't seen someone get ****ed up and all bloody like that since 100 (Mir/Lesnar)