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Rampage vs Tito in Bellator.
Can't believe Bellator is doing a PPV now, and headlining the card with them. I like the fight but it's odd that they Bjorn is straying away from his vision.

Bjorn stated this around 2012

“There are a few things that have really been at the cornerstone or the development of this company and one of them obviously was the tournament format and objectivity where fighters could truly control their own destiny,”Rebney said. “And the other real foundational element to our development was we were not ever going to be a place where fighters that didn’t make it another organization could and would come here. We’re completely sold on the concept with as many shows as we have, you could develop your own talent.”
Hypocritical much! Instead of your own talent headlining the card, you bring in two guys that the UFC already built up for you, two guys who haven't performed that great in awhile, and match them up to headline your first PPV? Bellator has signed so many ex UFC fighters lately too, which is odd considering he said he wasn't really looking to do that. Bellator is good organization, but I'm in awe of the whole situation and doing a PPV now. I'd watch Rampage vs Tito on free TV, sure a bunch would, but to pay $35 for that PPV...meh.

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