cuz you may get it.

Last year, when Jay struggled everybody was calling for Lucas. Well, lo and behold Lucas got his shot and stunk up the joint, and people were counting the days till Fiedler got back. Now I hear people calling for Griese. I can tell you right now that from what I have seen of Griese has not been impressive. He is not ready to lead this team around the corner. I am hoping that Fiedler does not get hurt cuz right now, like it or not he is our only hope. So let's get realistic and stop calling for a change that would undermine or chances instead of improving them. My hope is that Fielder gets better as the season wears on and can be effective enough to compete in the post season. If Fiedler cannot get us to the next level then we go QB shopping at the end of the season, but for now you gotta root for the guy. my soapbox.