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It's so strange how fans turn on players so quickly. This is nto a shot at dolphin fans, obviously it happens w/ my team and all teams. There are times when it's deserved like when Ricky Williams quit on you but other guys just go to work and try their best. Why should they be bashed when leaving?
I think with Beck it was the fact he kind of epitomized the 1-15 season. He was chosen by the guys who lead us to 1-15. Instead of boosting moral and play with his introduction, he made some awful/embarrising mistakes, played poorly and did'nt have any luck, all characteristics of that season. Then he was taken back out of team, confidence shattered.

You can argue it was'nt his fault (poor O-line, no WR's, etc) and given the right conditions he may have been successful here, but when I hear the name of John Beck, I think of 1-15 and the awful memories of that season.

That does'nt warrent the abuse that he recieves, but it definetly adds to it.