As Rex Ryan and Channing Crowder continue to sling insults at each other in a battle that started here -- and with Bart Scott now predictably joining in -- let's try to look at this from another angle.

It is clear that the Dolphins respect their coach, and his style. You will never hear Tony Sparano slamming an opponent the way that Ryan has, and it is unlikely you will ever hear him boast about his team the way that Ryan has. (Praise, yes. Boast, no).

But it is also clear that the Jets respect their new coach's attitude as well. Many were quoted in the New York newspapers today. Saturday, I got the same sort of answers while attending David Clowney's football camp in Delray.

"I love it," Clowney said of Ryan's brashness.

Wallace Wright, another receiver, said “whenever you have a coach who speaks his mind, and doesn’t sugarcoat things, I think it’s better for everyone. Because he encourages us to speak our minds. It’s a different type of mentality now. We’re going to line up and hit you in the mouth, and can you stop it?”

Offensive tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson said “we’ve got a swagger approach. That’s the type of attitude you have to have, especially with all the talented guys we have in our division.”