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Thread: An entertaining collection of links...

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    An entertaining collection of links...

    I frequent the politics forum over at SuicideGirls.com, and came upon an pretty interesting thread with quite a few links that I found entertaining. I'm posting them here specifically for Zest, nate, and PC. I think you guys might enjoy them. If you guys end up liking these, you may want to consider hitting the SG politic forum. Nina is a SG hopeful, and has an account, so I get access for free through her, but you guys would need to purchase a membership. I think its worth it. Hot girls plus amazing political discussions, you can't lose! Anyways, here you go....


    This is an amusing thread on how to fight back against the Obama dictatorship...


    This is a clip from Rachel Maddow. I've seen her on TV only once, and it was while watching MSNBC during the actual election last November. I know she is considered hard-left, which makes any point she makes slanted in the eyes of most. However, this was a pretty amusing piece...


    The name says it all. You've got to check out their entry on President Obama. Its, uh.....interesting. Thats the best way to put it...


    How dare the President enjoy a nice frosty beer! The economy is in shambles and the man is spending $4 on alcohol! Oh the humanity...!


    I have no words for this link...


    The death of America: Soccer?


    I have only one thing to say about this.......


    Hey, if you've got nothing else to b*tch about, why not Obama's cheeseburger?


    This seems appropriate considering its Pride week. This is really bad guys, I apologize in advance


    A few thoughts from the Sarah Palin school of economy. I've never been so glad that McCain lost the election.

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    I haven't gotten to all the links yet, but I read Conservapedia on a daily basis. It is the source for much of my laughter.
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