Are the 2009 Miami Dolphins better than last year's version of the team, which IS presently the AFC East's reigning champs?
That's a question I'm often asked (usually daily). However, I think it can only be answered on paper (toilet paper at that) until the team kicks off the regular season because.... you never know.
All we have to go on right now are clues, and projections. We can look at what was there at each unit last season and analyze the changes made (if any), and the possible improvements coming (younger players get better, old ones usually get worse). But it's impossible to identify if a Chad Pennington is going to fall out of a tree before the exhibition opener, or if an afterthought like Greg Camarillo is going to blossom into a solid starter.
All we can do is project, and that's the goal of this Progression or Regression blog series, which will take a look at one unit (backfield, receivers and tight ends, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, secondary) every day this week.
To start it off I'm pointing out why I think the defensive line is the unit this regime has dropped the ball with (I understand you can't address everything in one offseason).