Even head coach Tony Sparano has admitted he has no idea who the Miami Dolphins' top receiver is.

THE BREAKDOWN: Considering every receiver is fairly young in terms of age and experience, it's not a stretch of the imagination to expect each to improve slightly. Ginn's working to become a better route runner. Bess has become stronger, and is working on his speed. And Armstrong wasthe talk of the offseason program because of his drastic improvement. Even Wilford, who was moved from receiver to tight end this offseason, showed some signs of life at his new position. If he can block Wilford will likely push Haynos for the third tight end spot.

Fasano, who contributed seven touchdowns in 2008, is entering his second season as a starter, and could be on the verge of a breakout yearconsidering this is a contract year for the former Notre Dame standout. It doesn't hurt that rookies were added to both units, and Pennington will be more familiar with the offense, and his player's strengths and weaknesses.