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Thread: *** Gators Football Thread ***

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    *** Gators Football Thread ***

    figured it was about time to start one of these. my expectations are obviously ridiculous this season. our schedule ain't exactly cake - but it's not what it usually is. would've rather had ole miss on there again than one of those few mickey mouse games - 1 loss will potentially murder our chances at another BCS birth this year. but what can you do? i don't make the damn schedules.

    so we looked pretty good yesterday. between moody, rainey, and demps - you'd have to be ******** to say there's a better rushing attack out there. not to mention tebow in that department. that's gonna be our bread and butter this year. that will also be one reason tebow won't get another heisman - that and he'll be taken out in the 2nd quarter many games like he was yesterday.

    so what was it - like 63-3? not bad. can you imagine how many points we would've put up if we hadn't taken out most of our starters with 4 minutes left in the 2nd? like a billion points. cooper and nelson looked pretty good out there - i don't think there will be any fallout from losing harvin and murphy. the talent on offense is still crazy stacked. tebow looked pretty solid as well - there were a few drops that were an automatic 6 which would've helped him greatly in the stat department. no biggie.

    then the defense. i predicted this will be one of the greatest defenses college football has ever seen. after watching CSU move the chains on us yesterday - with our 1st string D still in - i was taken aback a bit. they only put up 3 points but got way too many 1st downs for my liking. we tried blitzing a bunch at first - but after seeing all the quick outs and flats from CSU - we pretty much stopped. there was not one pass play the entire game that gave us enough time to get to the QB. smart on their part. our stud CB's - haden and jenkins - played well but too many of their guys caught passes for 1st downs. i know they were playing dangerous trying for picks and big plays - b/c it was CSU and they knew the safety help was there - but i was hoping for a better performance from them. all in all - the D looked solid but i saw flaws. i'm just gonna chalk it up to the D playing reckless b/c they knew they could and still get away with it.

    the only regular season game that really scares me is LSU. they are the only team on our schedule that can match our speed and they constantly give us fits. will be watching them closely this year. mississippi state kind of does too - only b/c once a decade they come out of nowhere and fugg up our season. and of course alabama for the SEC title - that defense is nuts. best ILB duo in the country by a long shot.

    so what are your thoughts on yesterday's game and the rest of the season? who scares you? do you think tebow will get another heisman? will the D live up to their potential?

    if you're not a gator - you're gator bait.
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