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Thread: Are we the only team that alternates our outside cornerback?

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    Are we the only team that alternates our outside cornerback?

    Alternating Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.. I really like that move. Its paying huge dividends.
    Davis has awesome instincts. One of the best corners against the run. Loved the way he played that fade route to Owens. Here's a rookie going up against a Touchdown machine and his discipline was amazing, the way he turned his head looking for the ball. He was so physical all game. That pick 6 was a thing of beauty.

    Sean Smith has awesome man skills! He sticks to his man like glue! Qbs have to be scared throwing his way. The guys so tall and long. He gets a hand, a finger on so many balls for tipped balls and just makes it so hard for recievers to catch the ball. I found it interesting when he was covering Lee Evans. He looked awesome for the most part. And he couldve had a pick in the endzone!! Wouldve been awesome.

    Couple of questions...
    -Our front 7 is 2nd in rush defense. With the way Davis, Smith and Allen seem to be playing, should we play more nickel? Teams see the extra corner, let them run it on us! I dont like Nate Jones as our nickel corner though. He's somewhat of a liability in coverage.
    -Do you know any other team that switches their starting corner so much? I personally love it.
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    Well Sporano said he wanted both rookies to get even playing minutes this season.
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