Ok fellow Dolfans, I know I'm not alone here, but I did have some doubts about a rew of our players before yesterdays game.
1. Cameron Wake- I did not see this guy producing much for this team. I saw this as another wasted roster spot as he has not been active before the Bills game. WOW did he produce!!!! 3 sacks in his first showing.
2. Chad Henne- While i never talked negative about our guy, I also never had a lot of confidence in him. While he didn't have a lights out game, he did not turn the ball over.He was solid in his first start, and I believe he will only get better. Monday night will be a true test for Henne. But overall Great job from our man!!!!
3. Secondary- they still did not do an amazing job, they held a good WR corps in check. They seem to be getting better. Wilson still needs to learn how to tackle. Smith and Davis did a superb job, with Davis grabbing a pick 6. I did do a lot of smack talking about our secondary the past few weeks, and I must say, over all, they did come to play yesterday. Crow eaten.
Man I'm full from eating all this crow. Great win yesterday. GO DOLPHINS!!!!