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Thread: Just how good is Henne's arm?

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    Just how good is Henne's arm?

    After watching the laser throw to Camarillo and the bomb to Ginn, I'm curious to know just how powerful is Henne's arm? Is his armstrength so strong that he could be placed among the elite QB's in this category? Welcome your feedback...
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    I'm not sure how his arm compares to the biggest arms in the game, but take a look at the replay of the throw to Ginn. It was absolutely effortless, 50 yards in the air. He barely stepped into it and his follow through looked more like it was a 15 yard pass. Also, the zip he had on the final 1st down throw of the game was extremely noticeable. I think arm strength is there, and then some for Henne. The main thing you'll see him improve on is his "touch" throughout the year. And that first down lob to the left side to Camarillo (I think?) on the corner blitz was as good of a touch pass as you'll see Montana, Young or anyone make, for that matter. Great launch to a career on Monday for Henne. Here's to hoping he keeps it up.
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