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Thread: Jets fans complain about being harrassed by Bills Fans!!

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    Jets fans complain about being harrassed by Bills Fans!!

    Jets fans complain that they were harassed by Bills fans in the Meadowlands!! They are starting a petition that will ban opposing teams fans from their/Giants stadium when they are playing and are going to urge their fans not to attend away games, in fear of having their feelings hurt or getting physically abused. HAHAHA of course this is a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets fan base finds something else to complain about after a loss to the Bills, just like they did when the Finz beat them last week. Ahhh how i love seeing the jets lose!!!

    Sanchez with 6 ints against a horrible Bills defense

    I hope you go through with that boycott idea for next year!! Kiss my *** Jests fans

    "Get the job done" - Don Shula
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    Hahahaha! I will harass in 2 weeks! I can hear **** breaking all over the the Meadowlands right now! hahahahahahaha
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