Guys, this was a big win for us. However it doesn't come without some potentially serious ramifications. Grove and especially Ferguson goes down. Grove seemed to be ok but we also lost our backups at various points in the game with some kind of injury. Ferguson though doesn't look good. Hopefully Soliai can man up, get healthy and do what he was drafted to do.

I cannot say enough about Henne again. The guy made the throws he had to and protected the ball. The wideouts actually showed up too. The throw to bess in the 4th qtr was about the only throw that really was questionable even though it was a completion. Had he led bess, that would have been a big play. Henne is what 5-2 now as a starter? Suck on it, Henne haters.

Bess, showed up tonight. Many of you were ragging this kid and I attributed that maybe to a sophomore slump. How many big catches did he have tonight? Hell even Ginn showed up and showed something tonight. Had some good kick returns as well. said. The dude was a beast even with backup lineman. Ricky has 10 days to rest and get back into action.

Lex...beastly man.....some great runs. I want to see a more controlled Hilliard because he seems to really try to fight for more yardage and the last thing we need is him going down or fumbling. He doesn't have much experience and that is why I say that.

Davis outplayed S. Smith again this game. Smith didn't play bad and they were up against one of the better receivers in the game but I STILL get impressed every time I see vontae tackle a guy. He has some of the best fundamentals when a guy is in front of him, especially for a corner. Good god if he has his head screwed on right, the sky is the limit for that kid.

Now the bad:

The linebackers. Crowder as usual takes horrible angles, doesn't shed the block and move laterally towards the ball carrier and really was a huge in allowing the runs that we did tonight. Ayodele was equally as bad. Additionally, they both take horrible angles to the plays, especially on that Williams reversed direction on that barry sanders esque run. One thing I have noticed is our guys often over-pursue or again take bad angles and run into each other and take themselves out of plays. I have seen that for weeks now so I don't blame it on a short week.

Joey Porter. Dude do you play when you want to? Where was this kind of performance the entire year. I don't get you at all. Do you need to be called out by your coach for motivation. Please don't tell me that you're the kind of guy that when a team is losing, you give up and don't "try". It sure seems like it. He had a very good game tonight getting to the qb but I am not happy about the fact that it took 10 games to get this far. That is why I put him in the "bad" section. Show me something against the bills, Joey...

What was up with our o-line going down? I have never seen such a thing in a game EVER. The league really needs to examine how they schedule these things. It is an injury situation waiting to happen with players who are going to be fatigued entering the game.

Ricky not getting the ball on the 4th down play on our final drive. Sure Lex had some big runs in the game in key times but why would you give a rookie the ball when the game really is on the line. BAD coaching sparano. I am starting to really see what others are talking about in terms of your decision making at key times in the game.

Overall it was a big win for us on a short week and on the road minus brown and some other players. Let's all hope Ferguson is ok and nothing serious. By the way he was pounding **** on the sidelines, it almost looks like he knows something went. I sure hope our backup o-lineman are fine too. With Smiley having shoulder issues and now Grove having problems, we need the berger and garner as well.