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thanks for the advice fellow phin/sixer fan got another question for you lets say i dont get the warranty, is it that big of deal..never had 1 for sony playstation and here goes: I will most likely get two games, if u were choosing which out these would you get, remember two of them:

Call of duty: war of worlds- I like ww11 and my friend said he will give me the new 1 for free

Assasins Creed 2- heard it is a great game and that 1 was good but 2 is much better

Madden 2010- Love the NFL

Ncaa f'ball 2010- etc etc

Tiger woods pga tour 2010- have read that this game is a little frusrating and that the graphics are medocore..well there ya go...any help ...this question is for any 1....
I would get the warranty just to be safe. 360/PS3 cost an arm and a leg to repair out of warranty. Not all times will they repair RROD for free. And if they won't, you can usually get it fixed locally, or by yourself for cheap. Like I said, just be safe and get the warranty. It would suck to get one of those rare problem that isn't RROD, but also cost $200 to repair. Or if you decide with PS3, $400 or whatever, PS3 repair prices are out the roof.

Call of Duty World at War is a great game. If you're getting the new one for free, this is worth a buy if you're a WW2 fan.

Assassins Creed 2 is a great game.

Madden 2010 is a must buy for all NFL fans.

NCAA Football 2010 is another must buy for NCAA fans.

Haven't played Tiger Woods 2010 so can't really help you here. But I do like the Tiger Woods series.

If you had to go with 2, I'd probably pick Madden 10 and Assassins Creed 2, since you're going to have the new COD anyways.