Note: If this is in the wrong place, sorry in advance.

So a buddy of mine, who is a Patriots fan, asked me to whip up a theme for his PS3 featuring the Pats. I told him I didn't mind and just finished the other day.

The theme features nine different backgrounds that change each time you turn your console on. Players featured in the theme are: Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Brandon Merriweather, Jerod Mayo and Ben Watson. Plus thee backgrounds feature the Super Bowl wins and variations on the logos. The icon set is just a genric set I lifted from another theme.

If you would care to look at the backgrounds I made for the theme you can vist this album in my photobucket account. All the backgrounds are a widescreen format, so if you have a widescreen monitor on you computer you can use them as a PC wallpaper as well.

If you are intrested in downloading this theme for you PS3, you can get it one of two ways. Either vist the website using your PS3 web browser and download it dirtectly to your console. Or you can go to this link and download it to a USB jump drive and upload it to you console from there.

Hope you PS3 owners enjoy the theme. I personally like the way it came out myself. And that's coming from a Dolphins fan