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Thread: Steven Ross buys out Kangaroo TV

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    Steven Ross buys out Kangaroo TV

    Hey folks,

    A close friend of mine works for a company called Kangaroo TV. He informed me this morning that Stephen Ross has purchased the company and "has a huge vision for the Dolphins and [their] product throughout the nfl and college football...

    For those of you interested, here's some more info on Kangaroo TV

    Kangaroo TV takes live events to a whole new dimension. Get a bigger piece of the action and see it from more angles. Make every moment count. Get stats, audio and video content – all in one slick looking handheld terminal. You’ll never see live events the same way again.
    I believe they already offer this device at Dolphin Stadium, but i can only imagine where Ross plans on taking this. By the way, my buddy says he is a very interesting guy with incredible vision for the Dolphins.
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    That's encouraging. Ross didn't get to be a multi-billionaire by resting on his laurels... I like what he's doing so far.

    Mike TannenBum: Now "Kiss of Death" for 2 franchises!
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