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Thread: Houston-Miami Mike Tanier preview

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    Houston-Miami Mike Tanier preview

    Texans (7-7) at Dolphins (7-7)
    Sunday, 1 p.m.
    Line: Dolphins by 3

    The Dolphins are agents of conformity. Not content to go .500 themselves, they strive to bring every other A.F.C. team down, or up, to their level. Their sweep pulled the Jets to the mean, and they burst the Jaguars’ feel-good bubble two weeks ago, bringing them back to the safety of the herd. They then gave the Titans a much-needed overtime victory. It’s as if a Canadian whiskey corporation bought a share of the team as part of a plot to make the entire league 7 and 7.

    The Dolphins can pull their “Harrison Bergeron” trick two more times this season. The Texans are following their well-worn path to an even record, though they should be much better with Matt Schaub over 4,000 passing yards, receiver Andre Johnson playing at an M.V.P. level, and linebacker Brian Cushing earning defensive rookie of the year mention. Once the Texans are eased into their rut, the Dolphins can turn to the Steelers, who won’t go as quietly. When all teams finally have equal records, Pete Rozelle’s ghost will once again peacefully rest.
    So true. We've been playing up or down to our opponents all season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by where's th'fish View Post
    So true. We've been playing up or down to our opponents all season.
    Sign of a bad team.
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