The winds of change blow fast in the NFL, and this sunday will bring an end to a season and perhaps the beginning of the end for some dolphins.

Bill Parcell as we all know he can walk and collect all thats owed to him, until either he leaves or a new contract is worked out that removes this liberal option for Parcells this topic will be hard to ignore during the window Parcells has to decide his fate.
If he choses to stay then for the most part things will continue with the construction of a Parcells type team.

If he leaves then it will become interesting to see what direction Stephen Ross goes in does he promote Jeff Ireland to all things Dolphins and keep status quoe with the FO or does he go outside the organization and bring some one else in and if so what does that mean for Ireland & Sparano?

Carl Peterson has been long rumored to be a close friend and option for Ross should Parcells leave, if Peterson was hired what would that mean for Ireland? its been reported that Ireland & Peterson have some relationship but it would be IMO a nerveous situation just the same because one would have to wonder how much phylisophically the organization would change under Peterson.

Dan Henning some have speculated that Henning will retire at the end of this season, if so where does the team go for his replacement?
QB coach David Lee & WR coach Karl Dorrell have been mentioned as replacements again this would bear monitoring to see how and who would be brought into the important position of OC.

Chad Pennington no dolphin may have ever indeared himself with dolfans in such a short time as Chad Pennington has, but his 2 year contract is due to expire and clearly his time in miami as the starter has come and gone.
If Pennington wants to stay a dolphin he will be doing so with the understanding he would be a backup(perhaps some one with his injury history can appreciate the fact that being a backup isnt all that bad),however if he wants to pursue a starting spot in the NFL his options may be very limited a team I feel might be a perfect fit could be Oakland they appear to be a decent QB away from being playoff competitive(yes Im aware that Al Davis loves strong armed qb's but he also Loves older experienced QB's ala Jim Plunkett,Jeff Hostettler & Rich Gannon).
Ofcourse Pennington could also chose to retire.

Jason Taylor again Taylor might be looking at a few options and again staying may not be his choice.
Taylor while having a decent statistacall season has shown he is aging and isnt the play making defender he was just 3 years ago,should miami chose to release Taylor and he wants to chase a title the most obvious team that he would fit is the New England Patriots no team collects old LB'ers like Bellicheck's Patriots.
If the phins keep Taylor his role may continue to be reduced if the team can find a LB to develope at SOLB, or Taylor may simply call it a career.

These stories and others will certainly bear watching in the weeks after the season, some more compelling than others.
Come sunday we maybe saying goodbye to one or more of these dolphins.