Cutler didn't want to play for him, nolan didn't want to coach for him, other coaches left for other jobs, and now elvis seems to not want to play with mcdaniels either.

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil wasn't thrilled to see defensive coordinator Mike Nolan leave for the Miami Dolphins.

Dolfans would love for them to reunite in South Florida.

"It's a possibility," Dumervil said, "but we'll see what happens in Denver."

Dumervil would be an unrestricted free agent if the owners and players hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement by March 5. But an uncapped season seems inevitable, and in that case, Dumervil would be a restricted free agent because he wouldn’t have the required number of accrued seasons.

Dumervil led the NFL with 17 sacks in his lone season under Nolan.

"It was great playing with him," Dumervil said. "I only got to play with him one year, but I had fun, I probably had one of my best years. I felt I was productive throughout my career before Nolan, but being able to move to linebacker enhanced my durability and allowed me to be more effective down the stretch."

I asked if other Pro Bowlers have been in his ear, lobbying to get him interested in joining their teams.

"That would be tampering," Dumervil said. "I can't snitch on nobody."