I have seen some early previews on L.A. Noire and was initially intrigued because I am a Rockstar fanboy. But I was delighted to open my mailbox today to find Gameinformer's latest issue with L.A. Noire on the cover, finally with more info about the game.

You play the part of protagonist Cole Phelps, a detective in the Los Angeles 1940's era who investigates homicides.

gameinformer.com doesn't really have much info from this article but here are some tidbits of what to expect from this game.

"After seeing the game and the development process in action, it's clear why the publisher has been so secretive. Team Bondi, the studio behind L.A. Noire, has set the bar almost impossibly high with this game. It's not only creating the largest, most detailed open-world game to date, its attempting to resurrect the long-lost Los Angeles of the 1940's while adding engaging new adventure-style investigation system to the familiar drive-and-shoot gameplay model. Oh, and along the way the company is pioneering some groundbreaking new technology that it hopes will forever change the way video games are made."

Here are some links but just google and you can find more about this but it has like a 6-7 page detailed read in this mag and is worth checking out. The game will be released in Sept. 2010 on BOTH Xbox 360 and PS3. Pretty pumped because it was originally set for just PS3.