Forty years later, as another midterm season of high-decibel campaigning approaches, one wonders whether the Obama White House will send Joe Biden on the road with alliterative accusations adapting Agnew's anger. Increasingly, the current administration confronts what you might call the nattering nabobs of narrative -- pundits and political pooh-bahs who point to the absence of a coherent communications message as this presidency's paramount problem

Credibility is key here. He had no experience to govern, yet appeared sincere, honest and credible. Given those apparent admirable traits and divine speaking ability he was elected.
Those very traits are now nothing but a memory and a bitter one for many. Now being a fish out of water he appears floundering and helpless. Will those betrayed supporters come to his rescue ? It depends on how many are receiving nothing for their blind faith.
While a good crisis has gone to waste from poor core policies coupled with criminal politics, my disappointment is nothing good came of it and so much time and effort wasted.