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I agree Goon, no real relationships yet. I think they wanted to convey the men before the war and thus no boot camp type settings or more bonding scenes. I assume that is what they are trying to do. I cannot wait until sunday so we can see more.
BoB moved at a fast pace, while being slow in spots that mattered. The battle scenes were fantastic, but ultimately the battle scenes in BoB served to make us understand why this band of brothers WAS. What did they go through? What happended to them?

Pacific seems like it's in such a hurry. It's in a dead out sprint to reach a point somewhere that it's just completely out of whack. I don't know any of the characters. I know the one guy....And he's really not that interesting, even though they try to give him depth, and sadly fail.

I'd still buy the series if only to show people the technical aspects of setting up a water cooled .30 cal Machinegun.....That was really fantastic how they did that. Other than that? We've got a reasonably good '50s WWII movie.