To everyone:

Muck has been with the site since 2/3/02, and has made a huge impact on the boards. When he later became a moderator on 7/22/03, many thought he would change, but didn't. Since, he has helped me with the site in so many ways; more than I could have even imagined. Truthfully, I don't know where the site would be right now without his assistance.

Next, on 11/4 Muck became a Super Moderator. Then, on 11/21 WharfRat and I made the ultimate decision... and now Muck is an Administrator.

So, let's all give a big CONGRATS to Muck, for a superior job and not letting this "task" get in the way of his humor and personality.

PS: Sorry this was announced earlier, but this decision was made during the weekend on the drive down to see my dad in Ft. Lauderdale.