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Thread: Letter to Congress from Obama prior to HC Vote

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    Letter to Congress from Obama prior to HC Vote

    For all the non bipartisan talk, Obama tried and did use some repub stuff in this plan...

    Here's a letter to congressional leaders prior to final passage..

    Obama Will Include Republican Ideas in Health Care Bill

    March 02, 2010

    Obama Will Include Republican Ideas in Health Care Bill
    In a letter to congressional leaders, President Obama said he wants to incorporate Republican ideas on medical malpractice reform and trying to rid the health care system of waste and abuse in a revised proposal for health care reform.


    Please find attached and below a letter from President Obama to Congressional leaders on moving forward with health insurance reform legislation.

    March 2, 2010

    Dear Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, Senator McConnell, and Representative Boehner:

    Thank you again for the time, energy, and preparation you invested in last Thursday's bipartisan meeting on health insurance reform. I have always believed that our legislative process works best when both sides can discuss our differences and common goals openly and honestly, and I'm very pleased that our meeting at Blair House offered the American people and their elected representatives a rare opportunity to explore different health reform proposals in extraordinary depth.

    The meeting was a good opportunity to move past the usual rhetoric and sound-bites that have come to characterize this debate and identify areas on which we agree and disagree. And one point on which everyone expressed agreement was that the cost of health care is a large and growing problem that, left untended, threatens families, businesses and the solvency of our government itself.

    I also left convinced that the Republican and Democratic approaches to health care have more in common than most people think.

    For example,
    The six Republican ideas already in the health-care reform bill

    This was already done, I'm adding this for shula as well, remember this was before the bill was passed..
    On Sunday, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell responded to Barack Obama's summit invitation by demanding Obama scrap the health-care reform bill entirely. This is the context for that demand. What they want isn't a bill that incorporates their ideas. They've already got that. What they want is no bill at all. And that's a hard position for the White House to compromise with.
    The six Republican ideas already in the health-care reform bill

    previous article was in response to this..

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    If Obama was a Republican, it would have gotten near-unanimous Republican support. It is the same basic approach that Mitt Romney took in Massachusetts, and as David Frum noted, it has a lot of similarities to what the Heritage Foundation floated in the early Clinton years. However, they decided they were going to scare far-right Democrats into not supporting the bill, and they talked about their Waterloo nonsense. It was a gamble that did not pay off.
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